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    Big Idea Hawaii is a group of marketers who is all part of the global Big Idea Mastermind masters with a mission to help expand the vision of making more people become successful in the Internet/ online Marketing Industry.  Our goal is to help each other to achieve financial freedom with a minimum goal of making a realistic $250, $500, $1000 and up per month! All this just by using a computer and Internet connection!  We are serious about this and we like to see 100% success with each of our members!  This is not a get rich quick or push button systems which scam people for money... BIM will take you from baby steps, to walking the walk on the Internet, and then learning how to develop your own success story!  I personally took more than 3 months before I got to see results which means until I saw money coming in... Then I will believe!

      If you ever tried starting a home based business and always find yourself failing?  The problem is not you, it is because you need the right vehicle and traffic generation training! With the best position to earn top dollars, you will learn secret techniques to getting tons of traffic to your product or service. You will be able to build your business by expanding it's customer base online. This is what BIM is all about!!  No matter what product or service you are selling. BIM training will inspire  you  to help you achieve all your goals and dreams as we will locked arms together, share information about new marketing opportunity and wealth building, along with being around with the best mentors in the industry,  you will win! 

      If you own a business and already marketing a product or interested in learning about making money online, I encourage you to join our big idea mastermind community, as a member you will learn the latest ways to get drive traffic to your websites and products. Get the best training to learn how to  become a successful money making monster. 

I personally,  highly recommend following our mentor, Vick Strizheus and with his golden step-by-step training and all of his online strategies, you will be able to build your own empire starting with becoming a better person first!  Trust and training from BIM will take your business and life to the next level!  Join like minded Internet marketers who wants to make a big difference in this industry.

Learn how to change your current mindset that will turn any failure to success.  Once you become part of BIM you will be with the best Masterminds and mentors in this industry, you will experience more success then you every thought possible.  Sign up below and become an affiliate and start learning.

Personally, I don't like to pitch a product, but this business model is truly making an impact in my life and has expanded my business.  "Trust me when I learned about BIM, the training and vision is very exciting and I want everyone to learn what it is and how it will change they way people do business online. " - jsy   PS:  I am now making more money online than ever before. Big Idea Mastermind is the real deal, it is really growing and has formed a community of entrepeneurs who is just like you learning become successful!

My 2014-15 "new year's resolution"  is to help others learn about Internet Marketing and help them become successful  owning and running their own business. 

PS:  If you ask me if Big Idea Mastermind works?  My answer is:  YES! 

See you all on the beaches of the world!
John Sydney Yamane


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